Our beautiful region

visit the south-east

Straddling the Occitan and Provençal regions

Straddling the Occitan and Provençal regions, you will benefit from a rich environment!Lover of nature, sportsman, lover of culture, you will be in the heart of the south-east.
AVIGNON at 20 minutes, LE PONT DU GARD at 25 minutes, NÎMES at 35 minutes, UZES at 35 minutes, VAISON LA ROMAINE at 45 minutes, AIGUES-MORTES at 1 hour, a small panel of incredible places to see;LAVENDER , CIGALS , OLIVE OIL , SOAPS , GASTRONOMY , PROVENÇAL HANDICRAFTS: all these things that you can take with you as a souvenir, but also all those moments beneficial to morals, spent under our soft southern sun which gives us the most beautiful lights throughout the day.