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"DUE TO COVID 19, all meals will be on a separate and individual table, finished the large family and communal table for now!"The "Jo" table is open by reservation 24 hours in advance, for a minimum of 2 people and dinner is at 8:00 PM.Real table d'hôte, we adapt as much as possible to allergies and special requests(vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, pregnant women or other).Aperitif / starter / main course / cheese / dessert 35 € per person with food and wine pairings€ 18 for children under 12 (adapted menu).The meals are 100% "homemade" and based on fresh and regional products, the vegetable garden and the orchard 100% Organic make of course an integral part, a meal where the flavors and colors of Provence mingle.
The snack plate at 25 € without drinks, is more flexible, it is a meal that can be expected more in the last minutes and that p organize a littleearlier, from 6 p.m.We also adapt to special requests and consist of a large plate of raw vegetables, cold meats, cheese, Provençal specialty, followed by a cheese platter and a dessert.
The tray from € 10 without drinks, it can be served at any time.Its composition can be cheese, or / and cold meats, or / and raw vegetables, for one person or more, it is on request and according to the chef's reservations!